It has only four tracks, this will be merely an EP, I’ll have it finished soon. That’s what I first thought and how wrong I was! One thing is that 3 of the 4 four pieces have a running time of more than 20 minutes each (the short one, you’ll know it by its short name, still has more than 9 minutes), the other thing is that this music finishes the listener, not the other way round.

What these five Frenchmen of Funeralium perform on this album, is extremely slow, hard to digest and utmost negative Doom Metal. Listening to this album, you’ll feel just as spewed out and left to die in some dirty corner as the young gentleman on the cover artwork. You’ll totally believe every single word the singer tells about throes and blights. Growling, scolding, screaming, whispering – he has a wide range of minatory noises in his throat.

The beginning of “Slowly We Crawl Towards Crumbs”  reminded me of Burning Witch and just imagine the song title literally: crawling sloooooowly. During the playing time the song has some more vivid moments, leaning towards Black Metal but this doesn’t last long. “Spit At My Face, I will Pluck Your Tongue Out” is a very awful version of “you break my heart, I’ll break your bones”. This song has a certain swing to it, like the pendulum of a giant clock (and woe to those the bell tolls for!). “Vanishing Once and for All” is the ultimate close in for the kill. Not by violence – violence breeds more violence and resistance – but by paralyzing despair, which has a number of truly beautiful moments woven in as if to add insult to injury. This is not for the faint of heart, even less for any kind of mood but the more often you hazard it the better it gets.

Funeralium do live shows, I can hardly imagine this music played live on a stage though. What works quite well with it is yoga (not kidding), lean deeply into the stretch and embrace the pain (hello hamstrings!).

If customary Funeral Doom Metal is still too cheerful and frantic for you, check out Funeralium.

Rating: 8,9/10 

Release date: 12. April 2017 via Weird Truth Productions

Review was first published in German on Zephyr’s Odem.

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